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Prediction of Diseases before the onset of Symptoms

Meet Abhay Parimiti

A Revolutionary Health Screening System

- Catches any Infection in the Body in Less than 10 Seconds. 

- Records SPO2 Levels, Pulse Rate, Heart rate Variability, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature even Respiratory rate with just one tap. 

- Self Sanitising and Instantly sends Alerts when catches an Infected Person.

- Our device uses FDA Approved Sensors to achieve clinical-level accuracy.

- Abhay Parimiti is designed and developed in India.

- It has a wide range of usage from schools to offices, to public transportation systems and rural areas.


Why Abhay Parimiti?

It can help with

Early Prediction of Diseases

The Patented technology predicts diseases with over 95% accuracy in just 10 seconds

Attendance and Profiling

Creates a personal profile with historical body vital data and also marks your attendance in the office

Clinical Grade Accuracy

The accuracy is at par with patient monitoring systems of Hospitals


Now you can send your body vitals over internet for getting accurate tele-consultation for telemedicine. No more need to physically visit a doctor

Helps in contact tracing for alerting others for possible exposure

UVC Sanitization

The machine Abhay Sanitises itself after every use

Contact Tracing


“The only screening system in the market which can predict covid infection in an Asymptomatic patient non-invasively in just 10 seconds”

— Dr.



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AIC-PIF, Vijay Nagar, Scheme 74, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

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